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The Kittiwake Coast - Driving Distances

While visiting Central Newfoundland explore the Kittiwake Coast and discover unspoiled nature that is just "beyond your imagination". Islands, sea coast, beaches, icebergs, whales, trails and plenty more.

Here are some of the driving distances for The Kittiwake Coast.

Road To The Shore Driving Distances

Gander Gander Bay 43 Kms 27 Miles
Gander Carmanville 64 Kms 40 Miles
Gander Musgrave Harbour 94 Kms 58 Miles
Gander Deadman's Bay 116 Kms 72 Miles
Gander Lumsden 126 Kms 78 Miles
Gander Cape Freels 136 Kms 84 Miles
Gander New-Wes-Valley 120 Kms 74 Miles
Gander Centreville 152 Kms 94 Miles
Gander Dover 173 Kms 107 Miles
Gander Gambo (around the loop) 195 Kms 120 Miles

Road To The Beaches Driving Distances

Glovertown Traytown 6 Kms 4 Miles
Glovertown Eastport 24 Kms 15 Miles
Glovertown Burnside - St. Chads 32 Kms 20 Miles
Glovertown Salvage 35 Kms 22 Miles


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